Company Establishment

General Construction Company Misurata had been established in 1985, and since then, the company started execution of several type of contracting projects. The company initiated a training program to improve technical staff skills, importation of material, machines and required tools to execute the projects, the company contributed actively and successfully in execution of constructional development plans in many sectors covering area that goes beyond Misurata City geographical territory.

Since the beginning of its activity, the company still works steady to achieve the purposes for which it was established through dedication in execution of concluded projects in many activity fields such as execution and maintenance of roads, buildings and public infrastructures, to enhance the level of infrastructure in Libyan cities relaying on personal capabilities and experience of national individuals and work in all fields of general contracting with determination using a scientific means as per optimistic plans of the company to improve the execution level according to the modern specifications and latest scientific means in execution and project’s management.


Company Location

The head quarter of the company is located at Misurata City – Industrial Area – Rewaissat- occupying an area of (12) twelve hectare including administration building, warehouses, hangars, workshops .number of production units, restaurant and accommodation for employees. The company also manage many other locations such as:

  • Projects office – Misurata
  • Maintenance office – Misurata
  • Complex of carpentry and smithy location – Misurata
  • Asphalt mixers – Misurata
  • Returned materials warehouse – Misurata
  • Baniwaleed office
  • Projects office – Baniwaleed
  • Asphalt Mixer – Baniwaleed


The company capital and organizational structure

The company memorandum of the General Construction company has been approved, which define the company paid capital in (30,000,000.000 LYD), Thirty Million Libyan Dinar divided into (300,000 shares) with nominal value of (100 LYD each) entirely owned by Libyan Government. Regarding company fixed assets, it consists a series of modern equipments and workshops, asphalt and concrete batching plants, concrete mixers, factory for forming reinforced steel , crusher and numbers of fleet of vehicles for transportation and trucks allowing the company to occupy distinguished position and leading contracting companies at local level.

Further, the company owned a number of warehouses, paved areas where most of produced materials are stored, materials used to execute the projects and insuring a smooth progress of the works without delay as per time schedules of the projects.

organizational structure


Equipments and machines

The company owns a fleet of machines and equipments such as multifarious tower cranes, mobile telescopic crane and a number of bulldozers, excavators with different sizes and types of tracked bulldozers, leveling equipments , trailers and trucks for numerous purposes concrete truck mixers, concrete pumps and number of towed cement tanks, tanks of liquid bitumen , water transportation, the company owns a comprehensive set of machines and equipments to lay the asphalt, soil compacting, in addition of laboratories for quality control regarding concrete and soil works and asphalt mixtures.

The company owns also many different kinds of internal and external metallic shuttering, wooden frames for concrete works, asphalt cutters, air compressors and other number of modern machines and equipments for specific purposes such as horizontal drilling and pipe pulling machine and a machine to deep the water ducts.

The company has conducted a number of technical studies to supply the entire requirements needed for the projects such as equipments, modern machines in line with latest technique of project execution, benefit from experience of international company’s experience, manufacturer of contracting work’s equipments.


Technical Staff and Workers

The company has skilled technical staff composed of engineers, technician and architects with extended experience in several engineering specialist beside technicians and skilled labor, administration staff such as accountants, administrative and other fields. The number of workers reached within 2010 a number of 1694 worker and employees where 873 are national individuals and 821 expatriate.